Example Text: Are you a sailing ship? Because I’m an asspirate. Translation: I’m homosexual- would you be interested in engaging in sex?


Example Text: It’s kind of creepy so watch ayor Translation: It’s kind of creepy, so watch at your own risk.


Example Text: bewt these losers before I strangle them. Translation: Boot (kick out) these losers before I stranle them.


Example Text: Stop scratching your balz and get over here. Translation: Stop scratching your balls and get over here.


Example Text: You’re gonna turn into a burnout. Translation: You’re gonna turn into a heavy user of drugs.


Example Text: aiws no one likes a loser Translation: As I was saying, no one likes a loser.


Example Text: brfb calm yourself Translation: I’ll be right f***ing back, calm yourself


Example Text: aiic what that 13itch thinks. Translation: As if I care what that b***h thinks.


Example Text: You are the bbf ever Translation: You are the best boyfriend ever.


Example Text: You have a cute avie! Translation: You have a cute avatar (online representation).


Example Text: bling


Example Text: anw we have to go to the store now. Translation: Anyways, we have to go to the store now.


Example Text: Planning a great afj on my parents. Translation: Planning a great April Fool’s Joke on my parents.


Example Text: It was benzedrine you wanted, right? Translation: It was this type of amphetamine you wanted, right?


Example Text: Thought I’d come see you just bcuz Translation: I thought I’d come see you just because.


Example Text: I don’t usually like that character, but in that scene she was a bbamfic Translation: I don’t usually like that character, but in that scene, she was a big bada** motherf***er in charge.

2 hot 4 u

Example Text: 2 hot 4 u to handle, jerk. Translation: I’m too hot for you to handle, jerk.


Example Text: Who’s the queen now, beyatch? Translation: Who’s the queen now, b*tch?

bc bud

Example Text: Hey I bought this up north its bc bud Translation: Hey, I bought this up north, it’s Canadian marijana.


Example Text: Yeah u can stay over after but byoa Translation: Yeah, you can stay over after, but bring your own advil (for hangovers).

bent out of shape

Example Text: What’s got you so bent out of shape this early? Translation: Why are you so intoxicated/high this early in the day?

chalk x

Example Text: Is it really that easy to make your own chalk x? Translation: Is it really that easy to make your own methamphetamine?


Example Text: 5 my god. Translation: oh my god


Example Text: Right now I’m playing agb. Translation: Right now, I’m playing almost good bridge (down by two tricks)


Example Text: I don’t need help from a chink. Translation: I don’t need help from a derogatorily termed Asian.