Example Text: Gonna pick you up what’s your addy Translation: We’re gonna pick you up, what’s your address?


Example Text: What a little asssucker. Translation: What a little person I dislike and look down on.


Example Text: What’s up my fellow buttfuckas? Translation: What’s up, my fellow homosexuals?


Example Text: Relax, man, have some bammy Translation: Relax, man, smoke some marijuana.


Example Text: Summer vacation time to start awltp Translation: Summer vaction- time to start avoiding work like the plague.


Example Text: Salute them? More like 5fs them. Translation: Salute them? More like 5 finger salute them (masturbate to them).

albino poo

Example Text: I think they’re mixing albino poo in their garage. Translation: I think they’re mixing methamphetamines in their garage.


Example Text: butt Translation: butt


Example Text: Hey, pass the bong. Translation: Hey, pass the water pipe.


Example Text: and then aoas the teacher was there. Translation: And then, all of a sudden, the teacher was there.


Example Text: Oh 4col the homework isn’t that hard Translation: Oh for crying out loud, the homework isn’t that hard.


Example Text: ayfk there’s no way you said that Translation: Are you f***ing kidding, there’s no way you said that.


Example Text: Hide those butts, guys. Translation: Hide those cigarettes, guys.


Example Text: when’s ur bday again? Translation: When’s your birthday again?

blow a stick

Example Text: This would be a good time to blow a stick. Translation: This would be a good time to smoke marijuana.


Example Text: No, canade didn’t mix well for me. Translation: No, heroin and marijuana didn’t mix well for me.

blow boost

Example Text: Stop whining, I’m pretty sure you blow boost nightly, you can skip one. Translation: Stop whining. I’m pretty sure you inhale cocaine nightly, you can skip one.


Example Text: Someone cooking up anny set their house on fire again. Translation: Someone cooking up methamphetamine set their house on fire again.


Example Text: atop I still don’t have any new information. Translation: At the time of posting this message, I still don’t have any new information.

age, sex, location

Example Text: age, sex, location


Example Text: They found bernie in her locker. Translation: They found cocaine in her locker.


Example Text: I’m straight I love the bewbz Translation: I’m straight; I love the breasts.


Example Text: Hey hottie aslmh? Translation: Hey hottie, what are your age, sex, location, music, and hobbies?

butt plug

Example Text: That’s not how you use a butt plug, you butt plug. Translation: That’s not how you use a butt plug (anal sex toy), you butt plug(idiot).


Translation: You don’t know where I can get some methamphetamine, either?