Example Text: reply with ase Translation: Reply with your age, sex, and ethnicity.


Example Text: My bf hates my bf. He called her bf! Translation: My boyfriend hates my best friend. He called her ‘b*tch features’!


Example Text: aiui they broke up because he was too push. Translation: As I understand it, they broke up because he was too pushy.

ya ba

Translation: They made a tv show about selling methamphetamine?

angel dust

Example Text: I’m looking to buy some angel dust. Translation: I’m looking to buy some pcp.


Example Text: Get the book back to me asap please Translation: Get the book back to me as soon as possible, please.

amp joint

Example Text: Is that a regular joint or an amp joint? Translation: Is that a regular marijuana cigarette, or a marijuana cigarette laced with nacotics?


Example Text: 0noe I can’t come to the party! Translation: Oh no, I can’t come to the party!


Example Text: bato has too many nasty side effects Translation: methamphetamine has too many nasty side effects.


Example Text: aitr wait on sending me those pics Translation: There’s an adult in the room, so wait on sending me those pictures.

magic dragon

Translation: We smoked marijuana all night.


Example Text: 07734 what’s up? Translation: Hello, what’s up?


Example Text: So I said we’d go again aon and I won. Translation: So I said we’d go again, all or nothing, and I won.

bag bride

Example Text: There are bag brides everywhere down here. Translation: There are drug using prostitutes everywhere down here.


Example Text: Hey babe party 2nite want 2 come? Translation: Hey, babe, there’s a party tonight, want to come?


Example Text: whats the 411? Translation: Whats the information? – or – What are the details?


Translation: my drug dealer just got some great new methamphetamines


Example Text: Too cool for you, bizatch! Translation: I’m too cool for you, b*tch!

yellow bam

Translation: Are we doing methamphetamine later?


Example Text: afaiui the reading was about despair Translation: As far as I understand it, the reading was about despair.


Example Text: going to br bbiab Translation: I’m going to the bathroom, be back in a bit.


Example Text: I’m kinda homophobic. Those a**bangers creep me out. Translation: I’m kinda homophobic. Those homosexuals creep me out.


Example Text: aam I am mad at you now that you ask. Translation: As a matter of fact, I am mad at you, now that you ask.


Example Text: I swear my boss is a bsmfh Translation: I swear my boss is a bastard system manager from hell.

aunt nora

Example Text: Do you have an aunt nora? Translation: Do you have any cocaine?