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2nyt tonight blotter lsd
chode small penis bbbg bye bye be good
hydro street name for methamphetamine 9mm gun
awttw a word to the wise aysm are you sh*tting me?
ayc are you coming? -or- aren't you clever -or- awaiting your comments animal lsd
aymf are you my friend crypto street name for methamphetamine
831 i love you bf4eva best friends forever
bmf bad mother f***er -or- be my friend aim aol instant messenger
bolo crack bykt but you knew that
aprece8 appreciate bbl8a be back later
bathtub crank poor quality methamphetamine; methamphetamine produced in bathtubs amap as many as possible -or- as much as possible
cd9 code 9 (other people nearby) all tweakend long street name for methamphetamine
diet pills street name for methamphetamine bsomn blowing stuff out my nose
age, sex, ethnicity age, sex, ethnicity 31ee7 elite
bad trip unpleasant lsd experience; unpleasant episode with a hallucinogen beans capsules for drugs; mdma, amphetamines
blunts extra large marijuana or cocaine and marijuana cigarette blonde term associated with marijuana
aite alright chiefing to smoke marijuana
bohic bend over here it comes bb4h bros before hoes (putting male friends before girls)
agonies withdrawal symptoms ayfs are you f***ing serious
bring it on bring it on assfuck anal sex
ayec at your earliest convenience 313373 elite
bofh bastard operator from hell bsxc be sexy
420 marijuana or April 20th (marijuanna day) awol absent while online -or- absent without leave
chocolate marijuana, opium, amphetamine arnd around
bar marijuana bljb oral sex